Sewing After School (SAS)

Program Details:

For the 2019/2020 school year we will only be offering Sewing After School (SAS) on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month.  

Ms.Toni wishes to move towards a more SEMI-retired schedule in order to have more time to work on her own creative projects, hence the reason for pulling back to offering SAS only on alternate weeks. 

You can enroll your child for sewing lessons after school by emailing Ms. Toni at You can select the day of the week that you wish your child to attend, and they can come on that day on the first and third week of the month.  The students can work on whichever of our projects they choose, within their skill level. If they’ve never sewn on a machine before we will teach them how – and they’ll be surprised at how easy it is! We have everything here that the students need to make ALL of the projects we offer – we have machines for their use, fabric, thread, zippers, polyfil – EVERYTHING they need to make stuffed animals, clothing, pillows, crafty items, ALL kinds of purses, tote bags, pouches & wallets. The can make quilts, placemats, aprons, fabric bowls – the list goes on and on!  

Description and Costs:

The first week SAS will be offered is the week of Sept. 16th, 2019.  

We provide the sewing machines and the fabric and any other materials needed to complete the projects. The cost is $40 for a one and a half hour session and $50 for a 2 hour session. Ms. Erika helps Ms. Toni with the lessons as there are typically 4 or more students each day of the week. They arrive as soon as they can get here from their school which is typically between 3:00 and 4:00. They leave either an hour and a half after they arrive or 2 hours after they arrive.

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