Looking for fabric masks?

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On-line mask ordering is now available!

The corona virus has forced us all to make adjustments in our way of life. Sew Crafty never sold any products prior to the pandemic — we were only a TEACHING studio, not a store! I realized I could fill a need and make some money by making and selling face masks. I still teach sewing to individuals and up to 3 people simultaneously, following social distancing guidelines & wearing masks. You can email me to schedule a lesson. 

Questions about the online ordering process? Email sewcraftytoni@gmail.com

Important: The pandemic-modified version of Summer Sewing Camp begins June 8th. My full attention will be tied up with the students Mon. thru Fri. from 9:00-4:30. I won’t be able to field phone calls, texts & emails about mask orders during those hours. Please allow up to 24 hours for me to respond to emails about ordering.


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At Sew Crafty, we are passionate about using creativity to empower our students! The satisfaction of creating and expressing with one’s hands is priceless, and a world of materials awaits to be converted from one form to another. Learning the joy of tactile expression is particularly important to balance the increased time spent in today’s virtual world. Our objective at Sew Crafty is to present these possibilities in a fun and easy manner. We provide a variety of opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy sewing and quilting.

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